Local talents to be paid double for their electrifying performance at Guyana’s Cricket Carnival shows

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A section of local artistes at State House

In a major move to upgrade Guyana’s entertainment industry and show appreciation to local artistes, President Irfaan Ali announced double payment for artistes who performed at the country’s inaugural Cricket Carnival in September.

$6.9 million in revenues garnered from a wide range of events held during Guyana’s first Cricket Carnival were disbursed in payment to approximately eighty-nine local artistes who performed at the shows. The artistes, who have received payments of $100,000 to $300,000 are slated to receive double those amounts.

President Irfaan Ali, during a meeting with some of the artistes at State House recently assured that the government has their back and, under the One Guyana initiative, they will continue to witness significant improvements in the industry.

 “We are building one Guyana in which we can help every single one of you to be better within one Guyana, in which we can bring prosperity to every single individual,” he said.

President Ali told the talented group that the government will provide an additional $6.9 million to ensure that they receive the additional payments.

“The Government is putting a further $6.9 million so that you will get again, between $100,000 to $300,000, some people will get $600,000,” he noted

The Head of State implored the artistes to speak out against naysayers in the opposition who are relentless in their efforts to hinder progress.   

“If all of us stand up against the narrow-minded message of just a few and embrace the One Guyana strategy, we will achieve the best we can,” the Head of State added.

The artistes expressed gratitude for the gesture.

Guyana’s first cricket carnival commenced on September 16th and concluded on October 2nd, 2022. It featured super concerts, song competitions, a pageant, and other major events. Local artistes including Diana Chapman, Vicardi Singh, AW Lyrical, Samuel Medas, and Nekeita delivered electrifying performances at the shows. 


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