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Rehanna Emmanuel during a visit to the Embassy of Guyana in Saudi Arabia.

Rehanna Emmanuel Spoke to They Break News this morning ahead of her dance group’s upcoming performance at the FIFA World Cup 2022, where she related to TBN, that it is with honor that they will be representing Guyana at the FIFA World Cup. She further related that it is with pride she will be showcasing Guyanese Culture to the world. 

“The feeling to be carrying the Golden Arrow Head at such an event with so many different nations is a feeling I can’t describe. You have to experience it and feel it in order to know the feelings. I feel honored to be representing my country at this event and will perform with pride.” Emmanuel

Emmanuel told TBN that she fell in love with dancing at the tender age of 6 and has been dancing ever since. She further added she believes dancing to be a way of showcasing one’s culture and that everyone’s culture is unique 

“I never imagine that this could have happened. I know we made a submission, to participate but I didn’t give it a second thought. Now being here is like a dream come through. I am getting to see and experience so many different cultures and at the same time I am also getting to showcase my culture to the world, something I am doing with great pride.” Emmanuel

Emmanuel is one of four dancers that belong to an indigenous dance group that goes by the name of Riverside Angels. The group was last month selected by the government of Qatar to perform at the FIFA world cup 2022. The dance group is currently in Qatar rehearsing for their performance which is scheduled to take place at the World Cup quarter and semi-finals. The group comprises dancers from the age of 17 to 20 who have been performing for the last decade at national events around the country.

The Guyanese delegation at the FIFA World 2022 Cup in Qatar.


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