Linden businessman robbed after returning home from wake


A 37-year-old businessman was robbed during the wee hours of Wednesday of a sum of cash and other articles by two armed bandits shortly after he returned home from a wake.

According to a Police release, the incident took place at around 01:30 hrs at  Canvas City, Wismar, Linden. Reports are that the victim secured his business place in Mackenzie Market, Linden on Tuesday and left for a wake.

The event was held about 70 metres from his home. At the time, he was wearing a gold chain valued at $190,000, and a gold finger ring valued at $130,000. He was also carrying $200,000 in cash and a phone valued at $120,000.

Shortly after, the businessman left the wake for his home. Upon entering his yard, he was accosted by a male who pointed what appeared to be a handgun at him and demanded him to lie on the ground.

A second male joined the first male and together they relieved the businessman of his valuables. The victim’s cousin walked into the yard and saw the commotion and he was instructed to lay beside his relative.

The bandits then ran out the yard and while fleeing, they discharged a round. The victim and persons from the area went in search of the suspects but did not find them. The businessman reported the robbery to the Wismar Police Station. Investigations are ongoing.


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