Inmate escapes from Lusignan Prison

Prisoner Quincy Clarke

A 38-year-old prisoner who has been identified as Quincy Clarke, of West La Penitence, Georgetown has escaped from the Lusignan Prison on Saturday.

This publication understands that Clarke escaped between 02:00hrs and 02:10hrs.

Investigations disclosed that two ranks who were working at the holding bay noticed an unidentifiable male running and pushing a black and red XR motorcycle.

The officers shouted at the male to stop, but he refused, and a chase ensued. Clarke then dropped the motorcycle, and jumped a trench, and ran into some bushes making good his escape.

The ranks who gave chase later learnt that the individual was a prisoner and the motorcycle belonged to a Prison officer.
The 38-year-old prison was sentenced to two-four weeks terms concurrently for two counts of threatening language on July 29, 2021.


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