Informant in Henry boys’ murder lives in fear after receiving death threats from suspects’ family


The informant that had shared key information with the Guyana Police Force (GPF), which led to the arrest and subsequent charging of three men for the murder of Joel and Isiah Henry, is now fearful for his life after he allegedly received death threats from the suspect’s family. 

During an exclusive interview with the Director of They Break News’, Mikhail Rodrigues, also known as the ‘Guyanese Critic,’ the informant stated that his life following his unprecedented move to share vital information with the GPF has now left him in shambles. 

He explained that he is now forced to stay indoors and cannot provide for his family after his identity was leaked to the suspect’s relatives, who have been threatening him.

The mutilated bodies of Isaiah, 16, and Joel, 18, were found on September 6, 2020, in the Cotton Tree Backdam in West Berbice.

They both sustained severed spines, along with multiple chops about the body. In fact, the killers carved out a huge ‘X’ on Isaiah’s head while they cut open Joel’s chest. It is suspected that the boys had died some 36 hours prior to being found.

Some four months after the boys were found, the GPF managed to secure evidence through the informant and arrested and charge 34-year-old Vinod Gopaul called “Magga,” 33-year-old known as Anil Sanchara called “Dan Pole” and a 19-year-old Akash Singh called “Monkey.” 

However, on Tuesday last, Magistrate Peter Hugh discharged the case against Gopaul and Anil, who were charged with the murder of 16-year-old Isaiah Henry.


The court commenced the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) of Isaiah first, and Joel’s will begin on August 10.

Sancharia and Gopaul continuously maintained their innocence of the crime and were charged separately from Singh. However, both Sancharia and Gopaul are still on remand pending the commencement of Joel Henry’s PI.

Recounting the entire ordeal, the informant said that he was at a “place” with family members of Singh and Sanchara when he found out about the murder. 

“…His mother, his stepfather, and one of the sisters. The sister tell me how is them the two involved in the murder that happened in Berbice. After the sister tell me, then the mother tell me, and then Akash tell me how the story transpired.”

He further added that he then left and went home, where he contacted law enforcement officers at the Eve Leary Police Station. Explaining his decision, he noted that he wanted to provide the Henry family with closure for the heinous crime. 

“Well, after the sister told me, she didn’t want no one to find out, and she was even hiding it from her husband. So, after me and she was gaffing, she know that we good, so I tell she Anil had some issues with a guy in Zeelugt for some narcotics matter and gunman always hunting for Sancharra, which is why he moved to Berbice,” the man explained.

He then said that after he reached out to the Police, he was asked to provide proof. So, a cellphone was bought for him by the GPF to record the conversation between him and the suspect’s family.  

As a result, he went back to Singh’s sister, where the two had a conversation about moving Sanichara away to a secret location, to which she agreed. 

Providing more evidence, he caught up with Singh, who allegedly detailed how the crime transpired – all these developments were recorded and handed over to the Police. 

“After the arrest, they took me and the individual at Eve Leary, and an investigation was launched,” the informant said while noting that Singh had reportedly told cops that he and the two other men killed the boys. 

The man went on to say that the reward was never his motive to come forward to share the information with cops. In fact, he said that after sharing all the information with the cops, he was then made aware that a reward was being offered.  

Nevertheless, when asked if he followed up with the Police concerning the reward, he was told that it is in “processing.”

 “I never know of any reward; I never know about any money or any other thing. When the story happened, after I gave the information to the Police, I learnt that there was a reward.”     

The informant said, “Singh explained to me, and he told me how the story happened in Berbice, how they chopped up the men, he told me how they were planting ganja and Joel and Isiah did go by their camp in Berbice.”

He said that Singh had told him that one of his sisters resides in Black Bush Polder and that Gopaul lived in Yakusari.

“Sanchara had met Gopaul in prison because Gopaul de murder his father. So, he tell me after them planted this ganja them boy does go and thief them ganja and after them thief them ganja them catch up Joel and Isaiah, and them warn them about the ganja.”

He noted that the Henry cousins had taken the Police to the farm, which was subsequently destroyed by Police, which angered the three men, who began looking for the cousins.  


“Akash told me as they were walking and they saw Joel and Isaiah coming through the track, he along with Sanchara and Gopaul began chopping the two cousins up, and Akash told me he was the one to put the X on the forehead.” 

When this publication asked if he was ever involved in any illegal activity along with the three men, the informant denied it but did admit that he had a minor brush with the law.


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