“I was angry, I did not exercise diplomacy and I’m sorry- Charrandas Persaud declares as he departs India after making derogatory statements against Indian Stray Dog Advocate

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Guyana's former High Commissioner to India, Charrandas Persaud

On December 25, Charrandas Persaud, Guyana’s High Commissioner to India, officially bid the country farewell and expressed regret for the video in which he was heard making disparaging remarks against a woman over a stray dog in his yard.

“There’s a lady named Sonia Gosh, she has a licence to feed and take care of stray dogs in this area. There were about 60 of them and one night there was one that woke me up, tumbled my bin. I don’t have anything against dogs, but I have a thing against dogs making a mess of my yard. So I instructed the driver and my two Mali’s to take the dog far away,” Persaud explained at an event in India.

He said, “The woman came to my house to ask about the dog after seeing one of the stray dogs was missing, and the security detail informed her that the dog had been taken away.” Persaud claimed that the next day when she went to his residence, she got past the guards and rushed up to his door inquiring about the same dog. Moments later, the security personnel was able to escort the woman out of his yard, at which point he asked her what she wanted.

“She told me she was looking for a dog. I said I don’t have a dog in here and you would not believe it. I was surprised at the expletives she handed me and I have to admit, I responded in kind,” Persaud added.

Persaud acknowledged that his behavior against the woman was motivated by rage, but as the High Commissioner who represents a nation, it was inappropriate.

“What I did as High Commissioner was wrong. I owe my friends and my colleagues an apology for behaving in a manner unbecoming of a Diplomat,” he asserted. 

Although the incident happened in August of last year, a video showing Persaud’s confrontation with the woman made its way into the public in October 2022. One day after it started spreading on social media channels, it prompted President Irfaan Ali to declare on October 26 that Charrandas Persaud would be recalled.

Persaud’s actions, according to the President, do not reflect the kind of partnership Guyana wants to keep with India. He claimed that he discovered that Persaud had been cleared of the accusation during his conversation with Persaud.

They Break News has learned that the woman, a devoted animal rights activist, has been feeding stray dogs for more than ten years. She reportedly filed a complaint to the authorities following the incident. 

Prior to this, Persaud represented the Alliance for Change in Parliament. In 2018, the then-AFC Member had defected and voted in favor of a no-confidence motion, giving the Peoples’ Progressive Party Civic a win against the then APNU+AFC Government and clearing the path for the March 2020 General and Regional elections. In March 2021, Persaud was appointed Guyana’s High Commissioner to India.


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