“I encourage all Guyanese to get vaccinated,” Nirmala Persaud

Nirmala Persaud

“I encourage all Guyanese to get vaccinated. It’s crucial that we all take the oath to protect ourselves and loved ones. I have taken mine, and so can you.” 

As Guyana intensifies its vaccination efforts, 29-year-old Nirmala Persaud is encouraging all Guyanese to get vaccinated in a bid to help us go back to a semblance of normalcy. 

Like everyone else, the 29-year-old was reluctant to take the COVID-19 vaccine, but as time passed by, she realised that it was the only choice she had to protect herself and her loved ones. 

When asked how the pandemic affected her, the young professional said, “At first it was tough, but eventually I learnt how to adjust. I had to learn how to wear a face mask every day, Sanitise each and every time I come into contact with someone or something, and then  I wasn’t able to go about the place as I used to….” 

Persaud said that the 6:00 am to 6 pm curfew was “stressful,” and she could not have waited for it to be over. 

“During the lockdown, it was very stressful because it was like my norms were disrupted because I could no longer be able to do the things that I was accustomed to, and everything that I had to get done was very difficult. I had to keep behind my head that there’s a pandemic on, and I was telling myself that you know I have to do this, and I had to do that,” she said.   

The young professional shared that she had “two minds” on whether or not she should take the vaccine due to the number of conflicting reports that were being peddled across the country. 

However, it wasn’t until January this year, when there was a rapid increase in positive cases and deaths in Guyana, that she took the virus seriously. 

She said, “after I saw the increase in cases and deaths, I decided to go get vaccinated, and it was in April 31, 2021, I took my first dose of the Russian Sputnik V Vaccine. I went to the Ministry of Health, and I got my shot.” 

The 29-year-old stated that after she got her first dose of the vaccine, she just got a slight chill and headache, but after she took a painkiller and went to bed, she felt well the following day.  

“When I got up the next day, I was feeling normal as usual, and I was happy because I was a bit nervous about the side effects, but all was well.” 

Fast forward to a few days when the second dose of the vaccine arrived; Persaud was one of the persons that were eligible to get her second jab and did not hesitate to do so. 

“On Monday, I went to the Ministry of Health around 8:00 am in the morning, and I got my vaccine in less than 10 minutes after I arrived, and the process was very simple. There was just a slight pain in the vaccine area and a slight headache, but like before, I took a painkiller, and I was good to go the next day.”


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