Human Organ Transplant Bill tabled in the National Assembly

Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony on Thursday tabled a Human Organ and Tissue Transplant Bill in the National Assembly.

This is part of the government’s agenda to transform and build capacity within the country’s health sector. 

Once passed, it will provide for the removal of human organs, tissues, cells, and biofluids for transplantation and blood transfusion, for their use in regenerative medicine including cell therapy, gene therapy and stem cell therapy, and other therapeutic purposes.

These include medical education and for scientific research purposes including stem cell research, cell explant research and cell line research, and for connected matters.

It will see the establishment of a National Human Organ and Tissue Transplant Agency which will be responsible for the management of the removal, donation, and transfer of human organs to patients in need.

The agency will be headed by a team including a chairperson who is appointed by the health minister, the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Medical Officer, and the Chairperson of the Medical Council.

The agency will coordinate with the hospitals which are permitted to conduct the transplant surgeries and collaborate to establish the operating procedures. 

The National Human Organ and Tissue Transplant Agency will be responsible for public education campaigns, as well as providing information relating to granting consent for the donation and use of organs.


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