Hill Foot woman beaten to death by reputed husband

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Dead: Umadai Lall

A man has been arrested for the murder of his reputed wife after her lifeless body was discovered on Friday on a bed at their Hill Foot, Linden-Soesdyke Highway home. 

Dead is 43-year-old Umadai Lall, also called “Samantha”. 

They Break News understands that the couple had been together for over a decade during which Lall was reportedly constantly abused by her partner. 

According to reports, the couple got into an argument on Thursday after the man returned home from work and found his reputed wife in an intoxicated state.

An argument ensued between the two during which Lall reportedly physically abused  the man.

The man got annoyed and in retaliation, dealt her several cuffs and kicks about her body. The next morning, he noticed that Lall was not breathing and rushed her to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where she was pronounced dead on arrival. 

The suspect, who was arrested at the said hospital, has reportedly given Police detectives a statement confessing to beating the mother of one to death.

The woman’s body is presently at the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home awaiting post-mortem examination.  

The suspect is expected to be arraigned at the Diamond/ Golden Grove Magistrates’ Courts in the new week for the woman’s killing.


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