Health Minister reports nationwide decline in COVID-19 cases


Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony said the country is now experiencing a national decline in COVID-19 cases.

This development, he explained, is a result of the government’s aggressive vaccination campaign which began earlier this year.

Dr Anthony noted that Regions Three and Four are leading the campaign.

There are currently 1,572 active cases, which the minister said, reflects an overall decline in cases across the country.

“Region Four now has the highest vaccination rates in the country. So, perhaps that is contributing to a reduction in the cases that we’re seeing. But, while we have this overall decline in the country, in Region Six, for example, we are seeing a worrying trend where there are increases in cases,” he said.

The health minister said he believes the situation in Region Six exists because persons are not abiding by the outlined COVID-19 protective measures.

“In August, we had 174 cases, then by September that went up to 222 cases in October, that increased to 363 cases. And then in November, we are now at 512 cases…all of these cases are now not active, but it shows a worrying trend that we are getting more cases in the region.”

For November, the region recorded 12 deaths to date.

Since the confirmation of the first COVID-19 case in Guyana, the Region Six administration has implemented the measures outlined by the health ministry to stop the spread of the disease.

As such, some six testing sites were established at the New Amsterdam and Skeldon hospitals, along with Rose Hall, Port Mourant, Orealla and Siparuta to increase testing in the region.

With these systems in place, the region had reported that more than half of its adult population had received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in June.

However, this progress in the region began to regress after persons refused to abide by the measures outlined by the government.


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