Guyanese journalist off to Japan for networking programme

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-07 at 2.40.27 PM-440f3ea3
Guyanese Journalist Kurt Campbell (right) with Japan’s Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago Matsubara Yutaka

On September 7, 2022, Japan’s Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago Matsubara

Yutaka met with Kurt Campbell,  the Assistant Editor at News Room Guyana. 

Campbell will be traveling to Japan to take part in an invitation program called “Building a Multi-layered Network of Japan Experts”.

The objective of this program is to provide foreign experts (e.g. intellectuals, media, policymakers) with an experience in Japan, in which participants would learn about Japan’s culture, society, domestic and foreign policies. 

This program is also expected to help foreign experts connect with each other and build a multi-layered network of experts functioning as a communication hub with the help of Japan’s foreign missions.

The Ambassador wished Campbell the best in his travel and hopes that he enjoys his time in Japan.


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