Guyanese fisherman arrested in Suriname for killing woman

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Dead: Altagracia Del Rosario Mejia

A Guyanese fisherman, Aniel Terrence has been detained in neighbouring Suriname for the murder of a woman, who is a national of the Dominican Republic. 

It is understood that the 41-year-old man was the last person to visit the apartment of Altagracia Del Rosario Mejia, whose naked and gagged body was later discovered with stab wounds. 

According to reports, the 40-year-old woman’s lifeless body was found at around 10:30h on Thursday in her ransacked living quarters in Verlengde Hoogestraat, Suriname. 

Reports state that the Guyanese man would frequently visit the woman. Law enforcement officials in Suriname are yet to establish a motive for the killing as investigations continue.


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