Gunmen invade Kaieteur News; cart off safe with undisclosed sum of cash

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Three identifiable males stormed Kaieteur News at Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown during the wee hours of Monday and held three employees at gunpoint before relieving them of their valuables and carting off a safe with an undisclosed sum of money. 

Police Headquarters reported that the incident occurred at around 01:15h. The victims have been identified as Noel Junior, a 63-year-old security guard; Wayne Little, a 20-year-old Graphic Designer; and Joshua Junior, 35, a security guard.  

According to the Police, Noel Junior was relieved of $5,000 in cash, Little of a blue Redmi cellular phone valued at $44,000 and Joshua Junior of a Samsung S7 phone valued at $40,000. 

The gunmen also escaped with a safe containing an undisclosed sum of cash from the newspaper’s Accounts Department. 

Enquiries disclosed that around 01:15h, the three victims were at the business entity performing duties when the three suspects stopped in front of the building in a gold Spacio motor car for which the registration number unknown.  

The suspects exited the car and entered the building through an eastern door at the bottom flat. The three Kaieteur News employees were held at gunpoint and the bandits placed them into an office where they were instructed to lay on the ground.  

One of the suspects remained with the victims and the other two suspects proceeded to the upper flat of the building to the Accounts Department. The door to the Accounts Department was secured with a Yale padlock which was wrenched off by the suspects.  

The lock on one of the desk drawers inside the Accounts Department was also broken off. Under the desk had a small safe with an undisclosed amount of cash which the suspects took. 

The suspects spent about five minutes in the building before exiting through the front door.  They escaped in the said motor car in a southern direction.  

C.C.T.V cameras seen attached to the building were viewed by detectives but because the suspects were wearing face masks, it was difficult to identify them. 

Investigations are in progress.


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