Gun, ammo found in car after high-speed Police chase ends in crash; man arrested

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A 36-year-old man was arrested after a high-speed chase with the Police and a subsequent search of motorcar led to the discovery of several illegal items, namely a 9MM Taurus Pistol, a magazine, and 11 matching rounds. 

A Police report stated that at around 02:00 hours on Tuesday, a party of Policemen were on mobile patrol duty in force motor vehicle  PAB 3155 in the Wismar Police Station, Linden district.

While there, the ranks responded to a noise nuisance report at Blueberry Hill, Wismar, Linden. Upon arriving at the location, the ranks observed that there was a private party being held at a nearby shop which had approximately 100 persons gathered. 

Two identifiable men about fifteen feet away were also observed acting suspiciously, the Police report said.  They hurriedly entered motorcar PVV 4105  and drove away at a fast rate of speed in an eastern direction along Burnham Drive, Public Road. 

The Police ranks gave chase behind the car which later stopped. A male exited the car from one of the passenger’s side doors. The driver continued driving the vehicle at a fast rate of speed. 

The ranks managed to intercept the car at Burnham Drive in the vicinity of Riverview Hotel where they asked the driver to exit the vehicle so that a search can be conducted on him. But the driver reversed the vehicle and drove away towards Silvertown area in Linden.

The ranks continued giving chase behind the vehicle through some streets along the said area towards the One Mile Public Road, during which they contacted the Police station requesting assistance. 

As such, force vehicle PAB 3161 joined the chase during which another one of the force’s vehicle PAB 3155 crashed into the right side of the motor vehicle PAB 4105. The latter vehicle crashed in a GTT power dish on the northern side of the public road. 

The Police ranks exited both vehicles and cordoned off the area where they observed the suspect exiting the crashed vehicle through the right side front window.  Police then searched the vehicle in the suspect’s presence and found a  9MM Taurus Pistol, a magazine, and 11 9MM rounds of ammunition under the driver’s seat. 

The suspect was told of the offence, cautioned to which he replied, “Me ain’t know about that firearm. Why yall fighting me down for?” The vehicle the suspect was driving received extensive damage, while the suspect was observed with injuries to his right hand.

He was arrested and escorted to the Mackenzie Public Hospital for medical attention. He remains at the hospital under Police guard. Investigations are ongoing.


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