GTU pushes for the Teaching Service Commission to be reconstituted

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GTU President, Mark Lyte

President Irfaan Ali was recently urged to swiftly re-establish the Teaching Service Commission, which has been dormant since February 2020, by Mark Lyte, President of the Guyana Teachers’ Union.

Lyte asserted that thousands of teachers have been prevented from being promoted to top posts as a result of the lack of a Teaching Service Commission. He pointed out that many of the educators who were impacted by this fact have already retired and are unable to receive the last promotion that would have influenced their gratuity and pension for the years they had served. 

“The absence of a commission indicates that teachers would have the processing of their documents stymied, therefore teachers in acting positions are performing duties without the relevant increments,” he noted.

According to Lyte, the union submitted its candidate for the commission to President Irfaan Ali’s office via the Ministry of Education, but efforts to re-establish the commission have stalled.

He claimed that in order to designate teachers to junior posts, the Ministry of Education has assumed the function of the commission. 

“Applications are now going through the Ministry of Education rather than a teaching service commission for junior appointments,” Lyte stated. 

He also revealed that educators seeking promotions typically submit online applications to the Teaching Service Commission, but the Ministry now taking up that responsibility is concerning. The delay in updating the statuses of teachers who have graduated from the University of Guyana also worries the Guyana Teachers’ Union. 

“We’ve had teachers whose status were upgraded in 2020 but only recently they receive the confirmation letters recently, again due to the absence of the teaching service commission,” he added. 

In the same vein as nurses and employees of the disciplined services, the GTU President also advocated for pay hikes for teachers.


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