GTA unveils four new tourism products in Regions Regions Two, Four, Seven, and Eight.

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Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Kamrul Baksh

17 new experiential tourism products have been launched thus far for the year. Four of the newest products added to destination Guyana are ideal for people intrigued by hiking, rafting, bird watching, and exploring the indigenous culture. 

Destination Guyana is beyond the majestic Kaieteur falls and four local tour companies have embarked on showcasing other fascinating parts of the country exploring the pristine forests, alluring rivers, unique people, and cultural activities coupled with smaller waterfalls.

On Tuesday at the Herdmanston Lodge, Trail Masters, the Singing Chef Adventures, Touring Guyana, and Wilderness Explorers introduced four new exclusive tourism products in Regions Two, Four, Seven, and Eight.  

On the Tapakuma camping and fishing expedition being facilitated by Trail Masters, participants can expect an exciting tour of the village, a walk through the trail, and forest bathing otherwise known as “taking in the forest atmosphere” for two days and one night. Tapakuma is approximately 14 miles away from Anna Regina in Region Two. 

The Singing Chef Adventures created a tour package aimed at taking tourists on a walk down history lane. The One-Cent Magenta tour involves the collection of copies of the world’s rarest British Guiana One-Cent Magenta Postage Stamp. Travellers have the opportunity to visit the National Park and participate in feeding the manatees as well as visit the Walter Rodney Archives which houses historic information on the genesis of the One-Cent Magenta Postage Stamp and its first sale. 

For three days and two nights, travellers can also explore the township of Mahdia. Touring Guyana listed the Denham Suspension Bridge as one of the main sites that are visited on the tour. Historically, the bridge was built in 1933 as a link between Bartica and Mahdia. It is also said to have reduced the time persons needed to travel to and from the two regions by five days in search Eldorado Gold. Travellers can also traverse the jungle and get a glimpse of gold mining camps. 

Wilderness Explorers partnered with the leaders of the Paruima village to offer an extremely adventurous experience. 

The village which is situated in the upper Cuyuni-Mazaruni region is home to scores of indigenous people who engage in hunting and fishing for survival. The village also falls near the border that connects Guyana to Venezuela. Paruima is known for its unique landscape and magnificent waterfalls. 

The travel package includes a visit to the Ouchi and Kamarang waterfalls, which promises stunning views of the waterfalls from various perspectives.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority, Kamrul Baksh lauded the products while noting that the country envisions creating a world-class product portfolio. He said more importantly the GTA will focus heavily on enforcing safety measures at the tourist sites.

“There are challenges in the sector, we are addressing them from a risk and safety management perspective. Within the new week, we will be addressing those matters head-on so we can continue to elevate the level of quality, safety, and sustainability of the products that we develop here in the country,” he added.

Baksh stated that the GTA plans to assist additional communities in the coming year in creating tourism-related products.


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