Gov’t considering to offer private school students “Because We Care” cash grant


The Government of Guyana is currently looking at the possibility of offering the $19,000 “Because We Care” cash grant to students in private institutions.

Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo revealed this during an exclusive interview with They Break News on Friday.  

“A number of people have contacted us from the private schools and parents are also saying that they want their children to receive the money too. There’s been a debate in the first when we introduced it was not introduced for private school kids it was for public schools,” the VP said. 

“So we’ve asked the minister of education to look at how many kids are going to school in the private sector. The ministry does not have all of the numbers, but they are trying to verify all of the numbers.” 

According to the VP, if the Government does extend the cash grant to private institutions, stringent measures will need to be put in place to ensure that the intended beneficiaries receive the grant without any “leakage or corruption.” 

“We are actively examining the possibility of extending the help or the grant to kids going to private schools. Maybe not all of them will take it, but some parents have been making this solid case that they struggle at home to make their kids go to private schools. 

“It’s not as though they are rich, and in a way, those kids that go to private schools they take some pressure off the public schools too, in terms of space, so the government will consider all the facts on this issue, and we will make a determination very soon on the matter,” Dr. Jagdeo said.  

Meanwhile, one parent shared with this publication that he doesn’t see the cash grant as beneficial given the fact that a school term costs way more than the total amount of the grant. 

“While we as parents are still paying taxes, our children are not contributing to the public school sector. In fact, it won’t make no sense that the government offers us the $19,000 cash grant and, for example, tuition at a private school my child attends, you have to pay about $80,000 per term,” the parent lamented.


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