Government’s PAC members are still refusing to combine 2019 and 2020 reports, absent themselves from meetings – APNU+AFC threatens to notify diplomatic community

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Government Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira (Left) APNU+AFC MP, Ganesh Mahipaul (Right)

As a result of the Government’s continued absence from meetings called by Guyana’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), the APNU+AFC has announced that it will formally alert the diplomatic community and legislative organizations. 

Ganesh Manipaul, APNU+AFC Member of Parliament, criticized PPP/C lawmakers for continuing to skip meetings and claimed that because of their absence, the PAC’s ability to hold meetings to review how the Government spends tax payers’ money suffers. 

“Today, Monday, 12th December, 2022 marks the third consecutive Monday of no meeting of the PAC since the resumption from recess of the National Assembly due to the absence of a quorum and the 6th Monday of no PAC since the passage of a motion to change the composition of a quorum for the PAC,” Mahipaul stated 

Gail Teixeira, Chief Whip for the Government, has said that the decision to skip the meetings was made to send a clear message to PAC members of the opposition that Government will not be coerced into performing a joint examination of the annual audit reports for the years 2019 and 2020 as the opposition has decided to do.

“We had tried to discuss in the committee not combining the years 2019 and 2020 as both years are aberrations, in that they follow the no-confidence motion and therefore the expenditure of money that is not approved by the house was a serious issue. By combining it, and trying to rush it through would not be appropriate,” she stated. 

She mentioned that she had written a letter to Public Accounts Committee Chairman Jermain Figueira on behalf of the PPP/C members detailing a number of reasons why the reports cannot be viewed collectively, but the letter had been rejected.

“We decided that we will not be bullied,” Teixeira added 

Mahipaul insisted that despite widespread allegations of massive corruption at the Ministries of Public Works, Agriculture, Home Affairs, Culture, Youth and Sports, Health, Education, Natural Resources, Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Foreign Affairs, Housing and Water, Finance, Human Services, and Social Security as well as in Regions 1 to 10, the people of Guyana are left without an explanation, accountability, or transparency from the PPP/C Government.

Five people are required for a quorum during PAC meetings: the chairperson, two members from the Government and two from the Opposition.


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