“Government supports lawful vending,” – says Vice President, Dr. Jagdeo in response to New Market Street vendors being dislodged

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Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo

Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo has underlined his government’s support for lawful vending amid mounting tensions over the removal of sellers from New Market Street in Georgetown. Dr. Jagdeo responded to accusations that it was inhumane to dislodge the vendors two weeks before the Christmas holiday by saying that their presence at the Georgetown Public Hospital entrance continues to be a crisis.

Dr. Jagdeo asserted during a sit-down interview with the Guyanese Critic that the caravans and stalls owned by operating illegally along New Market Street, across from the Georgetown Public Hospital, constitute a hazard to the hospital’s patients. Although this has been the case for a number of years, he pointed out that New Market Street is considerably more difficult for ambulances to navigate because of the customary holiday traffic congestion. In light of this, he thinks that the situation called for quick action.

“Every CEO of the hospital has written the City Council about this problem, since 2015. So, it’s not just the PPP/C Government that has concerns.

He made it pellucid that while his party supports individuals who operate small business in the form of vending, sellers should exercise responsibility when plying their trade.

“As a vendor, you cannot do it to bring discomfort to people, or to prevent some vital functions of the places where you’re vending in. You have to do it in a responsible manner, and you’ll get the full support of a PPP Government,” Dr. Jagdeo explained.

Vendors outside of the Georgetown Public Hospital

The impacted vendors, according to the vice president, did not request to be relocated, but his party is willing to negotiate with them and the city council to have them transferred to a different location.

The Vice President accused the APNU+AFC opposition of inciting its supporters to stage protests over the issue. He pointed out that the coalition does not prioritize development because it seizes every chance to criticize the Government’s advancement programmes.


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