“Get vaccinated and boosted,” Health Minster, Dr. Frank Anthony urges as a new COVID-19 wave looms in Guyana

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Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony

Even as a new COVID-19 wave appears to be brewing in Guyana, health authorities are witnessing a significant decline in the number of persons accessing the vaccines. Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony has renewed calls for persons to take their shots. 

COVID-19 cases continue to climb locally and Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony is urging the populace to take the necessary precautions which include mask-wearing and social distancing.

He said on Friday that while a total of two persons tested positive within the last twenty-four hours, there are seventy-one persons COVID-19 positive patients countrywide. Dr. Anthony added that six patients are currently hospitalized at the Ocean view facility while three are being monitored in the Intensive Care Unit. 

“COVID is not over, I know a lot of people would want to think so but we are now having an increase in cases despite low levels of testing and a number of those persons are having a severe infection that warrants hospitalization,” Dr. Anthony revealed. 

Reiterating that vaccination is the only way of evading the effects of the latest COVID-19 variant in circulation, Dr. Frank Anthony highlighted that the countrywide vaccination uptake has reduced significantly. 

“Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen a decline in vaccination because people are not coming to get the vaccines and if you are not vaccinated and boosted, then you are going to be vulnerable to COVID, especially persons who are older,” he added. 

The Minister implored people to ensure that their shots are up-to-date in order to be prepared for the new wave of infections that is imminent. 

Since Guyana’s index case was identified on March 11, 2020, the country has seen an overall confirmed caseload of more than 71,000 and over 1281 deaths.


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