First Lady’s ‘Menstrual Hygiene Initiative’ extended to Region 10


First Lady, Arya Ali launched her flagship ‘Menstrual Hygiene Initiative’ in Region 10 at the Mackenzie High School, Linden on November 12, last.

Her Excellency was accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hugh Todd. 

The initiative developed by the First Lady is geared towards ensuring that school-aged females receive a free one-year supply of sanitary pads. 

Female students of the Mackenzie High School on Friday last benefited from the First Lady’s initiative. 

In addressing the students, the First Lady lamented that girls should not have to choose between an education and missing school due to a lack of menstrual products. 

She told the young ladies to embrace their bodies and encouraged them to not be ashamed of their periods as it is a biological part of their nature as females. 

The First Lady added that the initiative is about empowering women and girls to have equal opportunities. 

Minister Todd during his address lauded the ‘Menstrual Hygiene Initiative’ and commended the First Lady on her hard work in making the initiative a reality.

Further, the Minister added that females already endure symptoms during their menstrual cycle and should not have a financial burden added to that. 

He also noted that the initiative will contribute to an uninterrupted learning process and school attendance for girls who are affected by the lack of menstrual hygiene products. 

Minister Todd reminded the students that they are the future. He told them that obtaining a solid education is the key to success.

First Lady, Arya Ali and Foreign Affairs Minister Hugh Todd with students of the MacKenzie High School


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