First Lady hands over house to six orphaned siblings

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First Lady Arya Ali hands over the key to the brand-new house to the siblings

First Lady Arya Ali on Thursday handed over the keys to a new house to six siblings – from the West Coast of Demerara (WCD) – who became orphans after their parents died a few years ago.

The eldest of the six, Deeyawd Rasheed, 28, collected the keys to the 910 square feet house

which was built at La Parfait Harmonie, West Bank Demerara (WBD).

Last year, Rasheed contacted the Office of the First Lady, requesting a meeting with Ali to discuss issues that the family was facing. At the time, the siblings were living with a relative whom they claimed constantly threatened to evict them.

The mother of the siblings tragically died of heart failure in 2019. The following year, tragedy again struck when their father perished in a fire at the home where they lived. That house, which was burnt flat, was built on government reserves.

The First Lady made a commitment to the family that she would provide them with a new house considering the difficulties they were facing. A piece of land was then acquired and paid for through the Ministry of Housing and Water, and construction began.

One year after, and with support from corporate sponsors, Ali presented the six siblings with their three-bedroom house which was also partially furnished.

“We are doing this for you guys because we want you all to know that we care. I am presenting you with this house with much love in my heart today because I am happy for you. I am happy that you have your own home, and to know that you will not have to worry about being put out,” First Lady Ali told five of the six siblings who were present.

She encouraged the siblings to ensure that they remain close and supportive of each other, and that they cherish and care for the house which they now own. Speaking on behalf of the family, Rasheed expressed gratitude to the First Lady for fulfilling her promise to them.

He said that amidst the difficulties, the siblings remained optimistic that life would get better for

them because the First Lady had committed to helping them.

“So I want to thank you a thousand and one times First Lady for doing this for us. We really

appreciate your help and will take care of this home,” an emotional Rasheed said.

The house was furnished with a sofa, television, refrigerator, gas stove, dining table, and chairs,

beds, a closet, a nightstand, carpets, and a center table.


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