Fake GPL metre readers to be charged with attempted robbery


The two men who pretended to be Guyana Power and Light (GPL) metre readers are expected to be charged with attempt to commit robbery. A Police report said that the men, 25-year-old Jose Fraser, a porter of 41 Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara (EBD) and 20-year-old Jaleel Thomas of 603 Cinema Street, Diamond, EBD will be arraigned before a magistrate on Wednesday.

According to reports, the incident took place on Monday around noon at Covent Garden Back Street, EBD. Enquiries disclose that a 56-year-old housewife was washing clothes in her backyard when the men approached her, identified themselves as GPL metre readers, and requested to read her metre.

The woman then allowed the men to enter her yard and directed them to the metre which is located at the front of her yard. The woman continued washing her clothes.  However, a while after, one of the men grabbed the housewife and demanded her to hand over money and other valuables.

He then forced the woman up the backstairs. Fearful for her life, she began screaming “thief, thief”. He then let her go and walked out of the yard. Immediately after, public-spirited citizens went to her aid. The woman also pointed out one of the perpetrators who was walking up the road.

With the assistance of a Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) officer and a Police constable attached to the Providence Police Station Traffic Department, the fake metre reader was apprehended. Quick response by Police ranks resulted in the apprehension of the second suspect who was found hiding in the storeroom of an apartment complex in the said area. 

The men were escorted to the Golden Grove Police Station where they were placed into custody.


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