ECD protest: Assasination threat made against President Ali

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President Dr Irfaan Ali

See the following statement from President Dr Irfaan Ali:

Today, a man threatened my life. And, the member of Parliament who filmed it did not denounce the statement. I have received an outpouring of love and support. 

Today, I will be holding my family and the extended Guyanese family tighter. When I took this job, I knew that it would be difficult. We had to struggle for our democracy and our votes to be counted. We had to struggle with a pandemic and with the rising cost of living. And, through it all, we are surely and steadily transforming Guyana. 

I will be asking for the Parliament to pass a unanimous resolution decrying political violence and threats of assassination. Because, in order to build one Guyana for all, we must speak with one voice that threats of political violence and assassination will not be tolerated in our democratic society.

Regarding the underlying issue, I am assured that the police officer who allegedly shot and killed the young Quindon Bacchus remains confined to Police Headquarters and is under active and expedited investigation. We encourage justice to be done.


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