Doctor found murdered in his Kingston office


A medical practitioner was found murdered at his Lot 111 Duke Street, Kingston, Georgetown office on Tuesday night. His vehicle and two cell phones are missing. Dead is 49-year-old Dr Colin Roach of  Windsor Estates, East Bank Demerara. Two of his male employees have been detained for questioning. 

Preliminary investigations revealed that Dr Roach owned and operated the Dr Roach International Medical Clinic located in a three-storey building at Lot 111 Duke Street, Kingston, Georgetown.  

According to his two male employees, on Tuesday, the clinic was opened for business between 07:00hrs and 15:00hrs. After the clinic closed, one of the employees went out while the other retired to his living quarters in the top flat of the said building.

The doctor was left in his office in the middle flat. It is further alleged that at about 20:00hrs, a male was seen exiting the clinic. About seven minutes after, the said male re-entered the clinic. At about 22:18hrs, a vehicle belonging to the doctor was seen coming out of Duke Street heading north.

It was further observed that the lights in the doctor’s office were still on which prompted one of his employees to call his cellular phone. But when the calls went unanswered, the doctor’s worker alerted the other employee. The young men used their key to gain entry to the clinic to turn off the lights.

They however discovered Dr Roach lying motionless on his back in a pool of blood in the examination area. Police ranks were summoned to the scene and they observed a wound on the left side of Dr Roach’s forehead. He was pronounced dead at the scene by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

His body is presently lying at the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home awaiting a post mortem examination. The two male employees have been detained for further questioning. 

Investigations are ongoing.


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