COVID-19 forces postponement of AFC’s National Conference


The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Alliance for Change (AFC) met virtually on Sunday and discussed several important party matters.  The most imminent was the hosting of the party’s National Conference for 2021. 

By a unanimous decision of the NEC, it was agreed that the National Conference would be deferred due to the COVID-19 situation, which shows no expected improvement in the immediate future, the AFC said in a statement on Sunday.

The statement said that the NEC agreed to postpone the National Conference until a date after March 2022 at which time, it is hoped that the country is better able to manage the pandemic.  

Moreover, the NEC was updated on attempts to resolve outstanding issues regarding the Cummingsburg Accord and appointed a select team to make recommendations to the Executive regarding the best positioning of the party in the evolving political atmosphere. 

The AFC has also renewed its call for its members and the public to be vaccinated and to continue to observe the COVID 19 guidelines.


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