COVID-19 cases slightly surging in Guyana again, Health Minister urges persons with flu-like symptoms to get tested.

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COVID-19 cases are slightly surging again and are suspected to be powered by a subvariant of omicron. Health authorities are urging persons who are experiencing flu-like symptoms to get tested.

With a total of eleven COVID-19 cases recorded in the past 24 hours, health authorities say they have observed an upward trend in new infections. Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony during Wednesday’s health update revealed that there are forty-four persons across the country that are infected but this figure is significantly underestimated.

“In many of the regions where people normally come to test, we’re not seeing so many people coming to get tested and if people are not tested, then we can’t confirm that they have Covid,” he explained.

Dr. Anthony reminded that the presentation of COVID-19 has changed and can now be manifested in the form of flu-like symptoms.

“Runny nose, cough, upper respiratory symptoms and fever. If they have these flu-like symptoms, they shouldn’t just rule it out as being flu but they should also go and get a COVID test. In that way me might be able to distinguish whether the person has flu or they also have COVID,” the Minister added.

Persons 50 years and over are also being encouraged to access the COVID-19 booster doses. This cohort of persons, according to Dr. Anthony are more vulnerable to chronic diseases which put them at a higher risk of contracting the virus.

“This age category, what we’ve seen is people presenting with more severe forms of COVID-19, a lot of the older people might require hospitalization,” he noted.

To date, 75,969 booster doses have been administered countrywide.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony


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