Contractor working overtime to complete Vlissengen Road project

Progress on the Geometric improvement of Vlissengen Road project

Contractor for the geometric improvement of the Vlissengen Road, Georgetown project, Vieira 66 Logistics has been working overtime to complete the project on time.

This was disclosed by the Ministry of Public Works’ Manager of Traffic, Safety, and Maintenance, Kester Hinds. Hinds said due to the inclement weather, contractors are working until 10 pm as the aim is to complete the project by the end of the year. 

He said the bad weather has been interfering with the casting of the drains.

To date, the $42.6 million project which will improve access for pedestrians is about 48 per cent completed.

Upon completion, the project will be three meters wide and will also cater to pedal cyclists. Hinds said the project will create a safe environment for students of nearby schools.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, who visited the project in October, said it showcases the lighter side of development the government is undertaking.

“What we will actually see happening, is you will see a full concrete walkway, eventually with lights, at sections, down seats for sitting. From the edge of the road to the walkway, we will be doing an earthen shoulder for the encouragement of the growing of grass. Eventually what you will have, is a big open space that at any one time, you can host a major activity,” Minister Edghill said. 

The project commences at the roundabout and will end at Barr Street, Kitty, Georgetown in the first phase. The second phase will see it being extended to Lamaha Street, Georgetown.


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