Caribbean Cinemas urges Gov’t to reconsider “no food and drinks” restriction

A theatre at Caribbean Cinemas Guyana at the Giftland Mall

The Caribbean Cinemas, which is located in the Giftland Mall on, Saturday urged the Guyana Government to reconsider the “no food and drinks” restriction, which was outlined in the updated COVID-19 guidelines for the month of August.

In a statement to the media, the cinema company said that even though the occupancy rate has been reduced to 40%, the opening without the sale of snacks and beverages is not what customers expect when going to the movies.

“In comparison to other businesses like bars and restaurants, where people are constantly talking, in the cinemas, the patrons are seated, facing the screen, and not talking while watching a movie. Customers are also required to put back their masks as soon as they are finished eating their snacks at the cinemas. They regret this decision and are eager to bring to Guyana the Summer releases which are being well received elsewhere.”

It was also highlighted that in other countries around the globe where restaurants are opened under COVID-19 restrictions, cinemas are also opened and are allowed to sell food and snacks.

The release further stated, “There is no science anywhere that a person going to a movie theatre is at greater risk than going to a bar, restaurant, or club. If anything, it is considered safer.”

Against this backdrop, the Caribbean Cinemas is requesting a review of this position by the authorities since it will be unable to reopen in the Giftland Mall.

According to new rules announced by Government on Friday, cinemas, casinos, and betting shops will be allowed to reopen at 40% capacity from August 1st, 2021.


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