Breast Cancer Awareness Month: GTT mounts “Wall of Hope” in National Park

GTT’s CEO, Damian Blackburn cuts ribbon at the “Wall of Hope” in the National Park to officially launch Pinktober 2021. Other members of the GTT Senior Management team, Sponsors and Pinktober Partners pose for the photo

GTT on Friday fulfilled another promise of strengthening the community as it launched its annual Pinktober initiative during a small ceremony in the National Park in Georgetown. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has once again resorted to hosting a virtual 2021 Pinktober event to safeguard supporters.

The small launch saw GTT’s Senior Management Team, Pinktober Coordinator along with representatives of the Ministry of Health, Protected Areas Commission and several non-governmental organisations unveiling a “Wall of Hope” and ribbon cutting at the south entrance of the National Park. 

Introducing the “Wall of Hope” to this year’s Pinktober observance, Pinktober Coordinator, Diana Gittens said the structure was mounted to allow cancer survivors, victims, family, and friends to share positive messages to motivate and raise awareness even in the pandemic.

“While we may not be able to walk, run or engage in any social activities again this year, we know many persons traverse the national park for various reasons. It is our hope they stop and share a message of hope or stop and be uplifted by the messages persons will leave throughout this month,” Gittens said. 

She encouraged supporters to come together once again in the spirit of unity to support cancer survivours and victims across Guyana by following and supporting the company’s month-long activities in collaboration with the ministry and NGOs. “The NGOs will be offering VIA screening and several awareness webinars to educate persons on cancer,” Gittens said.

She highlighted that the company has sourced a range of new Pinktober items to help raise funds as it continues to provide tangible support to several charitable and outreach organisations that are on the frontlines of the cancer support fight. “These items will be on sale at our retail stores and partners at economical prices. Persons can visit our website at to order items,” Gittens said.

Speaking at the launch, CEO of GTT, Damian Blackburn reminded of the company’s unwavering commitment to strengthen the community through initiatives like Pinktober.

Blackburn said, “This is our fifth hosting of this initiative, and it is a continued fulfillment of our promise to strengthen the community, that is one of the pillars in our recently launched “Together we Rise” brand position. Together we Rise underpins the hopes of Guyanese for a bright future, with strong communities. That is why we have mounted the “Wall of Hope” as a fitting gesture to launch this year’s Pinktober edition, as we come together in these very challenging times to offer each other support and to overcome the challenges that face us.” 

Offering congratulations to GTT on its fifth Pinktober initiative at the launch was Occupational Health and Safety Officer of the Protected Areas Commission, Rhonda Brotherson who expressed gratitude to company for its invaluable investment in cancer awareness.

“GTT continues to be a leader in demonstrating how the private sector can contribute to nation building, not only by providing important products and services to ensure a better quality of life for Guyanese, but also in understanding their corporate responsibility to society, and the value of their contribution in areas of health and community building,” Brotherson said.

This year, GTT has outfitted the national park with an eye-catching Wall of Hope, an attractively decorated entrance, colourful tree-wrappings, among other highlights to create an appealing atmosphere as it promotes cancer awareness and show its support during October.

Supporters are urged to follow GTT’s social pages including Facebook to stay updated on activities taking place throughout the month. Among some of the activities planned are Weekly Pinktober Happenings with local celebrities on Facebook and Wear it Pink Fridays.


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