Body of Wismar boat captain, who was pushed into Demerara River, recovered

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Elrick Alexander

The body of a 55-year-old Silver City, Wismar, Linden, Region 10 boat captain, who was allegedly pushed into the Demerara River by two passengers, was recovered on Sunday. 

Dead is Elrick Alexander, who according to Police Headquarters, was pushed overboard at around 01:00h on Saturday by two men who are both of unsound mind. 

The incident occurred at about 40 feet off the Wismar shore in the mining town. 

Enquiries disclosed that Leslie Orna, who resides overseas, is the owner of a blue and white passenger boat which operates from the Wismar shore to the Mackenzie shore.  

Alexander is the captain of the said boat.  

At around 01:00h, Alexander was on the Mackenzie shore awaiting passengers when Brian Hermanstyne, a 25-year-old unemployed man and Elden Hermanstyne, a 24-year-old unemployed man—both of Mackenzie—boarded the vessel. 

While the boat was about 40 feet off the Wismar shore, Alexander was allegedly pushed out of the boat and submerged under the water. The boat then proceeded north on the Demerara River. The matter was reported to the Police at 01:10h, and ranks visited the scene. 

Police ranks mounted a drone, and during an aerial search, the boat was located in the vicinity of Spieghtland. The boat was then brought to shore along with the two suspects, who were told of the allegation, arrested, and escorted to Wismar Police Station and placed into custody. 

The boat was searched, but nothing of evidential value was found. The boat was photographed and lodged. Searches were carried out in the Demerara River for Alexander on Saturday, but he was not located. Statements were taken, and an investigation is in progress.


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