Best Father’s Day gift! Incarcerated men reunited with their children

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Father’s Day produces a complicated mix of emotions for fathers who are imprisoned. These sad realities highlight the importance of Father’s Day in prison– an opportunity to re-solidify the bond between parent and child each year.

And although it is a uniquely difficult time for many incarcerated fathers as they confront their limited role as caregivers, the day is celebrated nonetheless.

This week families across Guyana were fortunate to see their incarcerated relative through the Guyana Prison Service (GPS), ‘Father’s Day Bonding Visits’ initiative.

Family members were privileged to have a meal with their loved ones and share a few minutes with them, an ingenuity which brightened those inmates.

For most imprisoned fathers, a day like Father’s Day is harder for them as they’re spending time separated from their children and other loved ones.

Meanwhile, Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot, who joined several inmates at the Lusignan Prison for lunch, said it is moments like these that we are reminded of how important maintaining these relationships are to the health and rehabilitation of both prisoners and family members.

“In fact, when offenders remain connected to their families, it not only helps their children, but also protects the rest of us, reducing recidivism” he explained.

The Prison Director agrees that family preservation is key to reducing recidivism and is a priority in the prison system correctional approach.

Elliot’s lunch with the prisoners was cooked by the prisoners themselves, and the menu consisted of fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, macaroni salad along with fruit drink.


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