Bandit snatches woman’s chain after trailing her

The bandit escaping after snatching woman's chain

A woman was robbed of her gold chain valued at $170,000 after being trailed by a bandit at Regent and Wellington streets. 

According to the victim, she and her mom were shopping when the incident occurred. 

“After we crossed the road, the boy bore between my mom and I, and he held my hand and turned me around and snatched my chain off, and I screamed, and when I screamed, he ran and got away through Wellington and Regent streets,” the victim said.  

Following the incident, the traumatized woman said that an informant related to her that the suspect was trailing her since he is a known bandit at the location. 

Nevertheless, she went into a store next door and pleaded for a copy of the CCTV footage. After she was given the footage, she then made a report with the Brickdam Police Station. An investigation has since been launched. 


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