APNU+AFC promises free University of Guyana, to write off student loan debts if voted to power

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See the below statement issued on Tuesday by the APNU+AFC: 

Another semester begins at the University of Guyana. The PPP’s decision to take away free tertiary education still weighs students down. This historic injustice cannot stand.  

It is an affront to the Constitution of Guyana, which in Article 27 states that “Every citizen has the right to free education from nursery to university as well as at non -formal places where opportunities are provided for education and training.” And enshrines free education from nursery to university. The University of Guyana must be made a free institution immediately.  

We reiterate our call for student stipends to help with internet, transportation and other expenses that do not appear on any University invoice, but are expenses students must bear nonetheless.  

We will work with the UG administration on initiatives to produce a regular stream of competent graduates to serve in the oil and gas sector and, more generally, to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving Guyanese economy for other skills. 

But as a government, we will go further. Over the last several decades, many Guyanese bore the burden of paying to access the University. Many remain indebted to the university. All University of Guyana student debt must be canceled. 

For two years, the PPP has sat on its hands and done nothing. Several national and supplemental budgets have come and gone – still nothing for the students at UG!  

Meanwhile, in these tough times, students and their families continue to scrape their few resources together to meet this burden.  

A coalition government will bring back a free University of Guyana. We will also write off all student’s debt and pay an education stipend to students. Moreover, we will work together with UG to increase its involvement in and impact on national development.


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