“APNU/AFC just doesn’t do anything sensible, logical or lawful,” says Minister Manickchand

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand on Tuesday blasted the Opposition for attacking the distribution of the “Because we care” cash grants, which is intended to help parents cater to the needs of their children in every public school.

APNU Parliamentarian and General Secretary of the Guyana Teacher Union (GTU), Coretta McDonald, in a Facebook post, said, “Headteachers, you were trained as an EDUCATOR, not an Accounts Clerk! Distribution of cash to students/ pupils is not your responsibility!”

In light of this, Minister Manickchand said that it is “bizarre” that any person or political party or any of their affiliates would object to Guyana’s families being assisted with $19,000 per child. 

“But then it was bizarre too that Guyana was forced to wait 5 months after our election to have a legitimate Govt. The APNU/AFC just doesn’t do anything sensible, logical, or lawful. Reject them as they try to deny you this grant. We are here. And we will bring you this goodness. Every public-school child.” 

Meanwhile, in a press release, GTU said that it is unaware of the logistics surrounding the actual distribution of this Cash Grant. In fact, among other things, the Union asked that “school administrators and staff refrain from handling or taking responsibility for cash/money.” 

Adding to this was APNU Parliamentarian Anette Ferguson, who stated on a live programme on Facebook that “tell us, in which country you see government doling out money calling it Because We Care?”

The “Because We Care” Cash Grant programme has commenced today in Region Two at the Cotton Field Secondary School, with a total of  $3.2 billion expected to be distributed across the country.


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