“Any attack on President Ali is an attack against all Guyanese”, says ANUG in condemning attack on State house

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A statement from A New and United Guyana (ANUG) follows: 

A NEW AND UNITED GUYANA (ANUG) has made note of the attack which occurred yesterday December 15th, 2022 outside the lawns of the official residence of the president of our country, Guyana.  Such dastardly acts should never be a part of the Guyana we live in and more so a Guyana where we aspire to live as one people, united and together.   

ANUG condemns with our loudest voice this vile attack on the presidential security team and as a result the president himself.  We offer our moral support to President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali and the first family, his entire security team and all Guyanese affected in these trying times.  

ANUG would like to wish the officer injured during the attack a speedy and full recovery and salute him for his bravery on the job as exemplified by his actions.  The security of Guyana is of utmost importance and any attack against His Excellency President Dr. Ali is an attack against all Guyanese.  Guyana must not be allowed to become a country where our politicians and citizens fear for their lives and personal well-being.   

ANUG also note some of the postings and comments on social media which seek to politicize this unfortunate event and sow the seeds for further division in our country.  ANUG is asking that all citizens allow the respective agencies of the law to do their investigations and find the culpable individual/s and let justice run its course.  Do not let anyone cast aspersions and create division in our country.   

Finally, as Guyanese we must continue to showcase our country to the world and accept all with open arms welcoming them to our beautiful land where the rule of law must be obeyed.  Do not let the actions of one individual make us look at persons from other countries differently and as such create prejudice in our dealings with persons of other nationalities.   

We must be the bigger people and hold ourselves to higher esteem and as such be fair, unbiased and cordial when dealing with all.  Let us continue to work together in unity for the betterment of our country and for all those who share this beautiful land of ours.


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