AFC alleges that Charrandass Persaud is still functioning as Guyana’s High Commissioner to India even after being recalled by President Irfaan Ali over his vile behaviour in widely circulated video.

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Recalled High Commissioner to India, Charrandas Persaud

The Alliance for Change has said that it has confirmed that Charrandass Persaud still holds the position of High Commissioner to India after being recalled nearly a month ago.

In a press statement issued on Wednesday, the party highlighted that Persaud is scheduled to be a “guest of honour” at the India Economic Trade Organisation’s (IETO) reception on Friday, November 25, 2022. The AFC shared what it claims to be an electronic invitation for the event which listed Persaud as High Commissioner of the Republic of Guyana.

Further, the AFC claims that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hugh Todd and the President are aware of, and approved Persaud’s retainment of the role as well as his attendance at the state function.  

Upon learning of Persaud’s scheduled attendance to the event, the AFC communicated with the host to bring to his attention the situation surrounding Persaud’s removal as High Commissioner. They alleged that the host was unaware.

President Irfaan Ali on October 26 confirmed the recall of Persaud one day after a video of him verbally abusing an Indian national made its way into the media sphere. The President maintained the behaviour of Persaud is not reflective of the relationship Guyana is seeking to sustain with India.


The Head of State advanced that during his interaction with Persaud, he learned that the incident occurred in August, 2021 and has been cleared of the accusations by Indian authorities. Additionally, Persaud indicated that the video is not a full representation of what transpired, the President added.

In the video, Persaud is seen swearing at the woman who was asking for whereabouts of a dog.

The woman is said to be a dedicated animal rights activist and engages in feeding dogs living on the streets for over a decade.

Persaud previously served as a member of Parliament for the Alliance for Change. In 2018, the then AFC Member defected and voted for the No Confidence Motion, giving the Peoples’ Progressive Party Civic a win against the government side and paving the way for elections in March 2020.

Invitation shared by the AFC for the India Economic Trade Organization’s (IETO) reception


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