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Operation Walk Maryland completed it's third mission at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation

A team of surgeons from ‘Operation Walk Maryland’ has provided 55 Guyanese with a new lease on life having performed 55 free joint replacement surgeries at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation  (GPHC), in one week.

This was revealed on Wednesday at a press conference held at GPHC by the Ministry of Public Health. The patients who benefited from the surgery were selected from all 10 administrative regions across Guyana.

The selected patients were among some 2,000 persons who are awaiting surgery at the GPHC.

A list from GPHC had initially provided the names of 70 persons for surgery to be done by ‘Operation Walk Maryland’. The list, however, had to be reduced to 55 because of time.

At the press conference, it was revealed that five of the 50 patients had both joints replaced.

The patients had also only spent an average of 24 hours in the hospital with no major disruption of services.

Currently, the public health facility can only facilitate two joint replacement surgeries per week, according to GPHC officials.

According to GPHC’s Head of Orthopedics, Dr. David Samaroo, the estimated cost of each surgery that was performed free of cost is over GY$2 million.

The surgeries done by the organisation, according to Dr Samaroo, will help to reduce the backlog of some 2,000 patients who are currently awaiting operations.

The Medical Director of ‘Operation Walk Maryland’, Dr. Paul Khanuja, in addressing the media, called the collaboration with GPHC fortunate.

Dr Khanuja further explained that the organisation’s visit was successful since it had helped to improve the lives of several persons, proving that it is making strides in increasing medical services in countries that are in need.

The not-for-profit organisation ‘Operation Walk Maryland’ was founded by Dr Lawrence D. Dorr in 1966. The visit this year would mark its third visit to Guyana.

Over the course of its visits to Guyana in  2018, 2019, and now 2022, the organisation has provided free needed joint replacement surgeries for over 150 persons.

‘Operation Walk Maryland’ was founded by Dr. Lawrence D. Dorr to embark on free surgical missions in developing countries.

Other aims of the organisation, which is headquartered in the USA, are to secure implants and other necessary medical supply donations and build teams of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals who are willing to volunteer.

The organisation’s visit also provided a platform for knowledge transform between health officials


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