4 Guyanese men arrested as Suriname Police probe murder of shopkeeper

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Kevin Carter, who is wanted for murder in his homeland, was arrested in Suriname

The authorities in Suriname have arrested this Guyanese (in photo), who is wanted in his own country for robbery murder. The suspect Kevin Carter would be on Christmas Eve night last year involved in a robbery in which a man was shot dead. 

He then fled after Suriname and was arrested exactly one year later, by RBTP and KD in cooperation with DNV. 

The editors of Waterkant.Net learn that the man was arrested in the investigation into the murder of the Chinese shopkeeper on the Pandit Paltan Tewarieweg. 

In that case, six men were arrested last week, four of whom were suspects of Guyanese origin.  

When checking their data, it turned out that two arrested Guyanese are also wanted in Guyana. Kevin Carter for robbery, murder and a series of robberies and other crimes. And the other Guyanese man for various robbery cases. 

In the case of the Chinese shopkeeper who was shot dead, a seventh suspect was arrested last weekend. He was in the getaway car used in the robbery of the woman’s supermarket. He was caught in Charlesburg on Saturday. 

Source: Waterkant 


Garfield Newton, a 36-year-old training officer/bodyguard at Beharry Group of Companies was shot dead on Christmas Eve night 2021 during a robbery allegedly committed by Carter and two other men at Campbell Street, Albouystown, Georgetown. 

Newton, at the time of his death, lived at 454 Mandela Avenue, Georgetown. 

He was relieved of a silver hand band, a gold chain and two gold finger rings, a Glock 9MM pistol and two magazines of 15 rounds each, and a cellphone.  

Investigations revealed that on the date and time mentioned Newton went to a goldsmith at Campbell Street, Albouystown, where he collected a silver hand band, a gold chain, and two gold finger rings. He had taken the items to the goldsmith to have them cleaned. 

He then left walking along Campbell Street heading in a northern direction to motor van GPP 7505 which is owned by the company he is employed with.  

The vehicle was parked along Sussex Street, Albouystown, Georgetown.  

About five minutes later, the goldsmith was informed by a teenager that the person who collected the jewellery was shot and lying on the street.  

As a result, the goldsmith went out and saw Newton lying motionless on his abdomen. Newton was examined by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who pronounced him dead at the scene. There was a gunshot wound on the left side chest. 

The firearm and ammunition – property of Beharry Group of Companies – jewellery and cellphone mentioned were not found on his person or in the vehicle.  

In January of this year, Judah Vickery and Darren Baley were charged and remanded to prison for Newton’s murder. Both of them are in their 20s.

Judah Vickery (top left), Darren Baley (bottom left) and Garfield Newton (right)


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