37.4 per cent decrease in serious crimes in Georgetown- Police


There has been a 37.4 per cent decrease in serious crimes in Georgetown between January 1 and November 8, 2021, in comparison to the same period last year. This is according to statistics provided by the Guyana Police Force on Monday during the unveiling of its  Regional Division #4 “A” Christmas Policing Plan.

The fugures showed a significant decrease in all serious crimes except for murder and robbery with violence which recorded a 25.9 per cent and 12.5 per cent increase respectively. 

There were significant decreases in robberies with general robberies decreasing by 38.9 per cent, while robbery under-arms with the use of a firearm decreased by 44.9 per cent. 

Moreover, robbery under-arms with the use of other instruments decreased by 52.3 per cent; robbery with aggravation decreased by 38.5 per cent.  Burglary and break and enter and larceny declined by 67.6 per cent and 42.9 per cent respectively. Burglary from the person also decreased by 59.5 per cent. 

Rape cases, however, remained constant.


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