23-year-old female cook caught on camera stealing $125,000


A 23-year-old female cook attached to the Oasis Service Centre was caught on camera stealing $125,000-monies belonging to Gailann Jacobus. A Police report said the incident occurred on Sunday, November 7, 2021, at Oasis Service Centre, North Rupununi. 

They Break News understands that on the day in question, the victim’s husband sent a package containing a torchlight, one pair of gloves, and $125,000 in cash. The items were wrapped in a white paper bag and sent went a minibus driver who delivered it to a cashier at the service centre.

Jacobus subsequently went to the service centre and enquired about the package but the cashier was not there at the time. She however left and returned the following Monday and the package which was found in the kitchen area at the service centre was handed over to her by another staff. 

When the victim opened and checked the package in the presence of the staffer, she immediately observed that the said cash was missing. As such, a report was then made at Annai Police Station. The said staffer was interviewed and as a result, the Police contacted the 23-year-old cook.

When told of the allegation, the cook denied it but claimed that she is willing to repay the victim. She was arrested and placed into custody pending charges.


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