2 teens arrested for punching cop in face, traffic offences

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-22 at 5.06.53 PM-7cdf4afc
Quincy King (white jersey) and Christopher Abrams

A man who was caught on video firing several punches at a Police rank and his accomplice have been arrested. Quincy King, 18, and Christopher Abrams, 19—both of Angoys Avenue, New Amsterdam, Berbice—are accused of multiple offences, including assaulting a peace officer.

Police Headquarters reported that the men were arrested on Tuesday morning for assaulting an on-duty Policeman. They will be arraigned before a magistrate by the end of this week.

The incident occurred on Republic Road, New Amsterdam, Berbice just after 08:00hrs on Tuesday. They jointly attacked and assaulted the Police rank who was on duty at the time and provided them with lawful traffic instructions and directions which they failed to comply with.

The Policeman, after being knocked to the ground, was forced to get on his feet and defend himself from an aggressive and abusive Abrams, who is seen in a video assaulting the cop.

The Policeman was forced to defend himself after Christopher Abrams attacked him


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