13-Y-O boy admits to stealing neighbour’s money and jewellery


A thirteen-year-old boy was questioned by the Police for allegedly stealing from his neighbour. A Police report said the incident occurred on Thursday at around 14:40 hours at New Street, Cumberland, East Canje Berbice.

Police said that a 62-year-old housewife was at home when the lad, who is her neighbour, approached her. The boy then asked the woman for $1,000 which she gave him.

According to the Police report, the woman left her purse on the kitchen table and continued with her chores. Sometime after, she made checks for her purse but could not find it.

The housewife reported that her purse contained $38,000 in cash and a gold chain valued at $40,000. Police ranks were summoned to the scene. They conducted a search on the boy and the above articles were found on him.

He was told of the allegation and cautioned in the presence of an adult relative. Police said that he admitted to stealing the items. He was placed into the custody of the relative to return to the Police station for further investigations.


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