Health Minister urges maskaring, vaccination for East weer celebrations

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As citizens across the country prepare to celebrate the Easter holiday outdoors, Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony is urging persons to ensure they take all precautions since the Covid-19 pandemic is not over.

He said wearing a mask in crowded environments can prevent infection. He noted too, that getting vaccinated will prevent persons from contracting the severe form of the disease and in many cases hospitalisation.

“People must take the relevant precautions; those precautions would be that you should, if you’re in a congested environment, at least have on a mask and if you must be in those environments, make sure that you’re also vaccinated,” he advised.

Due to the pandemic, emergency measures were put in place to curb the spread of the disease.  As such, citizens were unable to fully celebrate the joyous holiday for the past two years. This year, with a decrease in positive cases, hospitalisation and deaths, the government took the necessary steps in reopening the country.

Also, measures such as mask wearing, curfew and social distancing were relaxed to enable some level of normalcy. However, persons are advised to protect themselves by getting inoculated and continue to sanitise.

Additionally, with approximately 100 active cases, Dr. Anthony said, “I just want people to be very cautious, because while we want to open up the country… we’re not at a place where we have zero Covid in Guyana.”


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