Purse snatcher jumped into the drain to escape cops

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A purse snatcher had jumped into a drain on Saturday after he had snatched a woman’s purse to escape the police.
The identity of the suspect is not yet known, however, according to inquiries the man had snatched a woman’s purse who was at the time walking in the vicinity of Orange Walk and Bourda, in Georgetown.
After he had snatched the victim’s purse, he then attempted to escape but he was cornered by cops, he then tried to escape police custody, by jumping into a nearby drain, where he hid.
Ranks were seen in a video by this publication feeling the drain to locate the man, but after some time the lawmen were unable to get him out of the drain.
Additionally, based on observations a citizen had volunteered to haul the suspect out of the drain. When the volunteer stepped into the drain, the purse snatcher came out the drain and surrendered to cops.
He was arrested and taken into police custody. An investigation has been launched.


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