Guyanese fisherman stabbed to death in Suriname

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Three persons have been arrested for the fatal stabbing

(– The police of Nieuwe Haven, in collaboration with Regio Bijstandsteam Paramaribo (RBTP), arrested three suspects last night, after the fatal stabbing in front of the bar-dancing Osies Paradise on the Eugène Albert Gesselstraat. It concerns Guyanese fishermen, who at one point got into an altercation with the later victim Herman Dexter (28).

The security camera captured how the stabbing suspect, during the struggle with a knife, made two stabbing movements in the direction of the victim. According to the police, one of the stabbings hit the victim in his heart area, causing him to die at the scene.

The police of Nieuwe Haven and RBTP managed to arrest one of the suspects, 19-year-old Anthony J. at the Vabi jetty. The two others Rehaan N. (20) and Ken H. (22) were caught in the collar at an address on the Slagenhoutstraat.

According to the police, more arrests will follow, because as can be seen on the footage, there were others present in the van, with which the suspects left the place after the act. Dexter’s body was seized for autopsy after consultation with the Surinamese Public Prosecution Service.

The public prosecutor decides on the fate of the trio. The Capital Offences Department has taken over the further investigation.


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