Father of 1 shot dead by Police rank died of multiple gunshot injuries- Autopsy

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Quindon Bacchus (right) was shot and killed during a shootout with a plain-clothes Police rank on Friday at Haslington, East Coast Demerara (ECD). A .380 pistol and a magazine with one round (left) was allegedly found in his possession.

A post-mortem examination was conducted on Monday on the remains of 23-year-old Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara (ECD) resident, Quindon Bacchus, a father of one, who was shot dead by  a plain-clothes Police rank last week Friday. 

The Pathologist gave his cause of death as multiple gunshot wounds. Also, on Monday, Police Commissioner (ag) Clifton Hicken visited Bacchus’s family and assured them that no stones will be left unturned in the probe into the young man’s death.

“I have spoken to the family and I told them that there will be an impartial investigation, the Police Complaint Authority will be investigating this matter;  that’s the body constituted to deal with the matter of this nature. This will have no interference,” the Top Cop told protestors in Golden Grove, ECD.

The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) has been instructed to conduct a thorough probe into the fatal shooting incident which occurred at Haslington, ECD. The file on the shooting was scheduled to be sent on Monday to the PCA for a “thorough investigation”.

Meanwhile, the rank, who the Police Force is yet to identify, has since been placed under close arrest. He allegedly shot Bacchus six times.

Police Headquarters had reported that officers at around 14:30 hrs on the day in question, went to Haslington New Scheme, ECD where they saw Bacchus with a gun.

The ranks were at the time carrying out an intelligence-led operation in the area, based on information received earlier in the day. 

The ranks had made contact with a 22-year-old construction worker who provided certain information. As a result of the information, the construction worker led the ranks to Bacchus who was in possession of a firearm and intended to sell it to one of the ranks. 

The plain-clothes rank, who was armed, made arrangements to purchase the firearm from Bacchus, who left and then returned with the firearm.

In the process of handing over the firearm to the rank, an alarm was raised. As a result, the now deceased man ran in a southern direction and discharged a round in the rank’s direction. The rank then drew his service pistol and returned fire.

Bacchus then ran further south and jumped into a yard, and the rank gave chase and while in close proximity, Bacchus discharged several other rounds towards the rank who took cover and returned fire, hitting the now deceased man about his body. 

He fell to the ground along with the firearm which was later identified as a .380 pistol and a magazine with one round. The said rank took possession of the  firearm and ammunition. 

Bacchus was picked up in a conscious state and escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he died while receiving treatment.

The firearm and ammunition that was recovered was taken  to the Cove and John Police Station, ECD where it was photographed and dusted for fingerprints.

The construction worker was arrested and taken to the Cove and John Police Station where he was interviewed. A written statement was taken as to what had transpired.


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