Burnt car found at Swan was used to transport Fagundes’ killers

The burn car that was found abandoned in Swan Village on the Linden Soesdyke, Highway.


Burnt car found at Swan was used to transport Fagundes’ killers
The burnt-out car which was found abandoned at Swan village, hours after Ricardo Fagundes was gunned down in front of a popular night club on Main Street, was used to transport his killers.

Cops recently came to this conclusion following the discovery of new evidence.

CCTV footage was abled to trace the white heavily tinted Toyota Fielder, from North Road, Georgetown to Palm Court, earlier before Fagundes was gunned down.
Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum confirmed this development with this publication.

The said car was seen parked outside of the club for a while. As Fagundes, stepped out of the club and walked towards a black pickup which was parked on the western end of Main Street, his killers had exited the back passenger seat of the car and ran towards him and they began riddling his body with bullets.

He then dropped to the ground and the men continued to fire a few more shots.

The men then entered the car and it sped off in a southern direction.

The burnt car was later found on fire at Swan Village, on the Linden Soesdyke Highway, by members of the Soesdyke Community Policing Group, who had reportedly received a call from a resident informing them that the car had been abandoned in their area.


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