UG student and designer charged over birthday dress scuffle

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A University of Guyana student and a designer were charged this morning for unlawful and malicious wounding.
Keisha Edwards, the owner of Shasha Designs, and Melissa Calder, a 25-year-old UG student, were hauled before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts and pleaded not guilty.
The charge alleged that on June 16, 2021, at Georgetown, they unlawfully and maliciously wounded each other.
The court heard that Calder made a down payment of $30,000 to Edward’s to make a dress. She was, however, sent a photo of the dress and told her that it is not what she asked for.
As a result, she asked for a refund of $20,000, but Edward tried to reason that she can make adjustments to the dress and fix it.
Nevertheless, on June 16, Calder went to the studio and was told to step outside because too many persons were inside. She was about to re-enter the studio to speak with Edward, but she pushed her back out, and she retaliated by pushing Edward.
Edward said that Calder became heated about wanting her refund and threatened to go to the police for the refund.
The two women had sustained injuries after pushing each other. They are expected to return to court on August 10.


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