Police constable allegedly tells woman “She back here again with her foul spirit”

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A 25-year-old mother of one is accusing a police constable attached to the Sparendaam Police Station of telling her that “she back here again with her foul spirit” after she visited the station last month to get an update on a warrant that she has been trying to serve on her child father since December last.
Shariena Tobin, of Cummings Street, Alberttown, Georgetown, expressed that she is tired of being pushed “around for almost two years” by law enforcement officers, who are supposed to protect and serve.
During an exclusive interview with this publication, the woman explained that she been trying to summon her child father, Frank Yorrick, to pay child support for the last five years, but this has been an uphill battle.
“Back in 2018, I had summoned my child’s father after five years our son had born, but the stress, various issues, and challenges you have to face as a single parent are exhausting. Yorrick never denied that he is the father of our child, but all I want is for him to step up to his responsibilities,” the distressed woman said.
She added that “the bills keep climbing and it’s always Summons to liability, and he never wants to pay. Adding that, his mother had paid the support for him but stopped paying in 2019. I even went to the court around November in 2019 so that he can pay his child support, but up to this date, he hasn’t.”
The woman accused police of “dragging” their feet on the matter while noting that her child is the one who is suffering. In fact, she said that “the Sparendaam Police Station keeps giving her a royal run around.”
“I went to the Police Complaint Authorities, and they sent me to the Commissioner, and he sent me back to Sparendaam. When I visited the station again last month, the officer turned and said, ‘she disgusting bad, she is back here again with her foul spirit. I’m tired of the back and forth, and I refuse to take any more eye passes. I’m pleading with the relevant authorities to please look into my matter,” the distraught woman concluded.


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